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Friends Arcade

Here is an amazing little gem called Friends Arcade. This app contains three arcade games that incorporate your Facebook friend pictures and status updates.

Watch a quick run through of the games:

Let's start with the home screen:

From the home screen you can load your Facebook friends and download pictures from your Facebook albums. After you've downloaded your Facebook data you can play the games with your Facebook data incorporated into the games.

Here are the three games you select from the tab bar on the bottom of the screen:


The goal of Isolation is to cut the image on the screen until less than fifty percent of it remains while avoiding the bounding Facebook friends.

You cut pieces by drawing lines with your finger from one edge to any other edge. You start your cuts from any active image edge. If the piece of the image that you cut is unoccupied it falls back into the background. Be careful while cutting because you lose a life if the trail of your cut is hit by a bouncing Facebook friend before you reach another edge. If you lift your finger before reaching an edge the cutting weld will continue to travel in a straight line until it reaches an edge.


The goal of the Snake game is to eat as many Facebook friend pellets as possible without crashing into the wall or any part of your growing snake.

Move the head of your snake by flicking on the screen in the direction you want the snake to turn. As you eat pellets your snake grows longer and moves faster.

There are two modes of play:

Endurance Mode
In endurance mode you have one life. Every time you eat a friend pellet your snake moves faster and a new pellet is randomly placed on the field.

Level Mode
In level mode you start out with three extra lives. Follow the fireball and eat all the pellets in the order they are selected to advance to the next level. Each level contains more pellets in the field of play while your snake moves faster and faster.


Memory is a great game that combines concentration and Facebook friend updates. The goal is to match the images of your friends. Each turn you get to flip over two images and if they match they are removed from the board. When a match occurs, a pop-up message displays the last status update of your matched Facebook friend.

You can play in single or two player mode. The goal of single player mode is to match your friends in the fewest possible turns. In two player mode each player takes turns matching. If the current player makes a match they continue playing until they don't match and then they relinquish play to the other player.

Facebook Access

Here's a sampling of the Facebook access and friend screens:

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