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Here is a great game called InkBall. Use your finger to draw ink lines and direct the bouncing balls to their corresponding holes!

Here's a video with gameplay:


For the iPhone/iPod Touch
For the iPad

The goal of InkBall is to get all the balls in the holes of the same color before the time runs out.  Bounce the balls off the walls and the lines you draw with your finger. When a ball hits your ink line the line disappears so you get one bounce per line. You can touch the eraser to remove all the lines from the screen. Use angled lines to change the balls direction Rebound Example. Use multiple lines to prevent balls from entering the wrong hole Blocked Hole.

Game Editor

Use the built-in editor to create your own game levels!

Start with a blank gameboard and add elements from the top scrolling element bar.

Add blocks, freeballs, timers, slides and all other game elements.

Then name and save your level.

For the iPad

Create fun new levels that show up in the My Levels section of the levels list.

Game Master

Then after you've created the most awesome InkBall level ever, submit it so it can be placed on the download server for all of your friends to download and play on their devices!

Have fun becoming the Grand Master of InkBall!

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