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Here are some fun little games that demonstrate how products can be placed into simple computer games.

The games do not require a license to play and there is no adware or other such third party software installed with the games.  The only thing installed on your computer is the game itself.  The games were developed as examples for promotional advertisements but since the quality of the games is so high we decided to show them off here.

First we start with a great game called Cheaters' Solitaire.  This is a beautifully rendered version of solitaire with a twist.  You can turn the rules off and move cards wherever you wish and you can peek at face down cards.

Here's the normal start of the game

And here's some of the things you can do with the rules turned off.

Next we can take the game and modify it.  Here we took some pictures of the Geringer family and integrated them into the face cards.

Here's a capture from the game

Geringer Solitaire

And here's a close up shot showing the faces of the Geringer kids integrated into the face cards

Geringer Close-Up

Lastly we modified the game for commercial use.  Here we changed the deck background image to be a cereal product.  We also incorporated various Kellogg's characters into some of the face cards.

Another popular game is the following Tetris clone.  We modified the tetris pieces to be made from Starburst candies.  Then when a line is completed the starbursts are eaten by the image of the kid.  The little boy in the default picture is nick-named Batman so we called this game Batman Tetris.  The game allows you to substitute your own images for the default ones so you can put an image of yourself and another with your mouth open and then you can eat the starbursts yourself!

Batman Tetris

Batman Tetris

Batman Tetris eating two completed lines

Eating Lines

Batman Tetris after substituting a spaceman image


Disclaimer: Mars Inc. and Kellogg NA Co. are not affiliated with these sample games.