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Social Submarines

Here is a great submarine game called Social Submarines. This app incorporates your Facebook friend pictures into a submarine game where you get to blow up your friends and steal their money!

Watch an instructional video with gameplay:

Let's start with the home screen:

Home Screen

Facebook AccessFacebook Access: Log in using your Facebook acount and download your friend images. The images of your friends will be incorporated in the game!

High ScoresHigh Scores: High scores are kept for most bounty, most subs sunk, best level times, plundering, protecting, speed round, and most accurate bombing.

OptionsOptions: Select your ship, starting level, difficulty, background music and other options.

HelpHelp: Read the help pages for instructions on how to play and what all the gameplay elements mean.

Press StartStart to play the game.


Move your ship back and forth with your finger.  To drop a bomb touch the ship and drag your finger to the spot where you want the bomb to explode and release your finger.

Flick up on your ship to send your diver to the sea floor.  When the diver is on the floor drag him back and forth to pick up items.  Flick up on the diver to return to the ship.


The goal of Social Submarines is to blow up your friends and steal their money.  As the submarines go by with your friends onboard, drop bombs to sink the submarines.  After the subs blow up the friends sink to the bottom of the sea and leave bounty behind.  Send your diver down to retrieve the bounty.

Choose from four gameplay options:

Plunder Friends:Sink the submarines that contain friends.
Protect Friends:Sink the submarines that do not contain friends.
Speed Round:Sink the submarines as they go faster and faster.
Levels Play
Level 1: Sink 42 submarines.See how quickly and accurately you can sink 42 submarines.
Level 2: Acquire 42,000 in bounty.Sink subs and send your diver to acquire 42,000 in bounty.
Level 3: Survive.Sink subs and collect bounty while avoiding the torpedos.

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